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DFW Demolition Experts For Over 60 Years

Billy L. Nabors Demolition has over 60 years of experience in commercial, residential, selective, and industrial demolition, wrecking, and dismantling. We employ highly skilled and safe operators with a comprehensive range of modern demolition equipment.

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Whether you are looking to start fresh with a new development or renovate, Billy L. Nabors has the experience to ensure a safe and complete demolition. We are a highly regarded demolition company in Dallas that provides residential, commercial and selective demolition. We are fully insured company that offers high-quality demolition services.

From warehouse demolition to shed demolition, safety and accuracy are guaranteed when you work with us.

We recognize the importance of minimizing waste and maximizing resource recovery in our demolition projects. We are proud to report that we recycle over 70% of the materials removed from our demolition sites. Our recyclable materials include cement, steel, carpet, and other building components, significantly reducing the environmental impact of demolition.

By choosing Billy Nabors Demolition Company, you ensure the safe and efficient demolition of your structure while supporting environmentally responsible practices that help preserve our planet for future generations.

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Here at Billy L. Nabors Demolition, we are committed to offering you the highest standard of customer care. Our business is to keep clients informed throughout the project and walk them through every step of the demolition service. View our most recent Demolition Projects.

We are prepared to take on demolition jobs for one structure or for entire plants, warehouse facilities, and residences. Billy L. Nabors Demolition is the best bet for turnkey demolition services in Dallas, Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas. We are a family-owned, and certified Minority Business Enterprise.

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Emergency Demolition Project Completed by Billy Nabors Demolition
Billy Nabors Demolition Demolition Services Truck

Demolition Project Timeline

The project timeline is specific to each job. Smaller projects may take only four or five hours, while larger projects may take a few months. Residential demolition projects are usually completed within a week. Commercial demolition services can range from three weeks to several months.

Social Responsibility

Billy L. Nabors Demolition recognizes the importance of social responsibility, we have been involved in providing free services to help clear the area for the Downtown Dallas Educational Urban Farm Project. This is part of our commitment to help build a better community.

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